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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another day with this annoying body of mine...

Wah, wah, wah....just a little whining today. Should I be happy about sleeping nearly 15 hours straight? Yes, and no. After a very long week and a busy day yesterday, my body took its time resting. Many of you are probably thinking, "Man, if I could sleep for 15 hours straight, I would be so happy and rested!" Unfortunately, that is not how my body works. Yes, I got that much sleep, but in no way do I feel rested! Not only did I miss time with my family, but I missed church and Sunday school, and a beautiful sunny day as well. Satan loves it when my body does this!

I have only been up for 9 hours today. In that time though, I have been able to study a lot for my clase de espaƱol, have a discussion with my teenager about some very important things, make a great spaghetti dinner for the family, and catch most of the NASCAR race! I am grateful for all of that, but sad that I missed so much too.

We went to the RV show in Dallas with some friends yesterday. It was our first time, and I knew it would wear me out. Up the stairs, down the stairs, in and out of the travel trailers, 5th wheels and motor coaches all day long. Wew. There were some really good 'show special' prices, and surprisingly, they were selling many of them! It was fun to think about having one in the future. In fact, we have already reserved a rental for one to take a few days vacation this summer!

Another busy week ahead for all of us. Please pray for my friend P. and her foster baby L.M.; this next weekend will probably be the time she will have to hand him over to his bio mom. (Read the entry "When loving someone breaks your heart")

I hope you have a great week! Maybe the next time you stop by, I will have something more positive to talk about. We can hope!

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