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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation, Floor Show, Photo Shoot--Wow! (Part 1 of 3)

(Click photo for a larger view)

So, what are the odds of my camera not working on the way to Graduation, my professional photo not turning out from when I received my diploma, AND my eyes shut in the professional photo in front of the flag??? Yes, it happened. I am so disappointed. The picture above was taken by a sweet friend of mine that was at the graduation for her daughter. I have emailed with the photographers, and they are sorry, but the school told them one take only and to be done as soon as the last graduate crossed the stage. There may be one saving grace--another friend said she could Photo Shop my eyes in to the one with them closed. Now I need to decide if it is worth paying for them.

The graduation was held in the gym instead of the stadium, because it had rained during the day. Unfortunately, many people had to be turned away because the gym capacity was pretty low. I was really hoping that I did not see my hubby standing outside when we passed by, and I did not. Because I have a 'B' name, I sat on the row in front of the stage. It was really fun to watch everyone cross as they received their diplomas. I thought I would boo-hoo through it, but I did not. I had fun and enjoyed it as much as I could.

In fact, on our way back to town, I decided we should drop into Applebee's where Keegan had gone with his friends after the Floor Show performance. Oh, how fun! I wore my gown, stole and honor cords inside and got cheers and applause, and my son was mortified! LOL I really try not to embarrass him, but I was proud that night and just wanted to have a little fun.

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  1. Glad someone got a great pic of you!
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