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Thursday, September 30, 2010

College Life!

We are now in the third week of our semester and I LOVE IT!

My first class is Deviant Behavior, which is interesting. Our instructor is a former police officer, so it is pretty cool to hear some of his stories and how they relate to our topics. My online class is for my major, and more research type, highly intellectual material. Not liking that one so much. Health Psychology is going to be my favorite! All about wellness and reducing stress in ourselves, and others. My professor is so calm and relaxed, it is an awesome way to start my day on Tues & Thurs. Diverse Populations is the other class and I am not sure what to think of it. Our professor leads discussions and plays the devil's advocate, so I am never sure we are grasping the concepts. It has been fairly interesting so far.

I purchased a meal plan since I am on campus every day of the week. The food is outstanding--especially when I don't have to cook! I eat salads every lunch and dinner, plus some really good food. They have a lot of healthy options, which makes it nice. Between that and walking all over the place, I have already lost 2 pounds! Hooray

After my classes, I hang out in the library to study. Sometimes I take a little nap at my study area, and then I can usually get a lot of work done in the quiet. If I try to do much studying at home, I always get distracted.

Just being on campus has been really fun for me. There are certain people I look forward to seeing, and when I do, it just brightens my day!

And now, I have decided to change my major for my Master's degree. I was going to teach at community college, but have now decided to pursue a degree in Rehabilitation Counseling! It follows closely with the Occupational Therapy training I have already had. I have a few online options for the Master's program, that is very exciting, and I am getting excited at the prospect.

September 30th
Wow, forgot to get back to this post. A few updates: Finishing up week 5 of classes this week. Have had tests in three classes; one did not turn out well, one was very good, and one is yet to be graded.

I am now employed by the university as a tutor for the athletic department! Going to turn in my paper work tomorrow and hopefully finish the training so I can start next week! I am really looking forward to it because I will be tutoring Psychology and Sociology, which are my two concentration areas in my major.

November 12th will be the day I take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) in preparation for graduate school. I am trying to get my applications in by December 1st so I can be considered for all of the scholarships they offer. It is really strange to be planning for something that is still a year away!

I guess that is all of the current news. I still marvel that I am in school, and just love that I am. What a blessing!

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