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Saturday, October 23, 2010

October, the Month of Craziness

October is living up to its predictions: CRAZY BUSY!

Between college and all of Keegan's band activities, we are one busy family. There are days I don't even see my son to talk to him because of our schedules! On those days, I at least try to text him and find out how things are going for him. *sigh*

The band had three competitions this month. Two Saturdays in a row, and then UIL this past Tuesday. They did well, and overcame so many obstacles this year! From the instrument truck breaking down just 10 minutes away from our
destination, to having at least 9 members out due to injury or sickness--our band ROCKED! We have two football half times left for the year, and will move on to Veteran's Day celebrations and Christmas time. Keegan has really enjoyed his position as head drum major this year--I am very proud of the work he has done.

The instrument truck was finally towed when we were headed HOME!
Photos courtesy of Libby S.

We just finished midterms at school! A few weeks ago, the university hosted Disability Awareness Week, and brought in a phenomenal speaker named Gary Guller (click his name to get to his website). He is a mountaineer that lost his arm due to a climbing accident. He is also the man that headed up the first ever group of disabled persons to hike Mt. Everest! His motto is: Anything is Possible; and he spoke of how we as individuals can make a difference by working together for a common cause. After listening to Gary speak, I realized my heart IS in some sort of advocacy for the disabled. How neat! Graduation is still a 'go' for May 2011--better start planning my party! We hope to take some sort of trip next year to celebrate not only my graduation from college, but also our 20th wedding anniversary! Stay tuned...

Still waiting on the final paperwork to be approved for my tutoring job. I am anxious to get started!

I feel so blessed that I have had some really good days lately. It gives me confidence that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, even though it wears me out! That's all for blessed!

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