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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hi, Friends!

This message is for all of you that live in other countries, and visit my blog. Welcome! It would be great if some of you would sign my guest book, so I can get to know you.

Interesting that this came up, because I have been thinking about all of the new friends I made at school this year. I am especially happy that I met so many International students! Taiwan, Gambia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, name a few of the countries they represent. They show great patience with me, because I am terrible at names. In fact, I had been calling one of the ladies I met by the name Kathrine. When I went to introduce her to others, she said, "My name is Teresa." She will always be Kathrine to me! However, I did add her into my phone as Teresa-Kathrine. And poor Justin, I called him Kevin for the longest time. Ha ha!

It is also very interesting where I met all of the friends I made this year--in the cafeteria! The beginning of each semester was very busy in the cafe, so there were many times that I had to ask to sit with someone that I did not know. From that, a large group of us became 'lunch buddies' who would sit together every time we ate. It is amazing how much we shared with each other over a meal. I am going to miss our time together as we leave for summer. And by next year, I won't even see most of them...

So, thank you to my 'lunch buddies' who were always happy to see me, who shared their life with me, and who accepted me even though I was old enough to be a mother to most of them. We were all equals. Friends. Yes, I will miss them.

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