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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life After Cancer

(Warning: Sensitive information regarding breast cancer, mastectomy, and undergarments are the basis of this entry. It is not graphic, but some may prefer not to read it.)

I just passed my 3rd 'anniversary' of having breast cancer & bilateral mastectomy. For many reasons, I chose not to endure re-constructive surgery.
I do not think of myself as less feminine without them, but I do wear prosthetic forms to look and feel more 'normal'. It is time to replace my prosthetics and find a few new undergarments that work better than what I have.

At first, I wore a post-mastectomy bra with pockets to hold the forms. When I replaced them, I was not about to pay what they were asking for those type of bras, so I bought 'regular' bras and wear a cotton sports bra over it to keep everything in place. The most comfortable tops for me are tank tops, with
a button up shirt/camp shirt over. Let's count how many layers that is: 1,2,3,4! That's right, 4 layers! Needless to say, it is way too hot and humid to wear four layers most of the time around here! At home, I wear tank tops alone to stay cool. I admit that I throw a shirt over it if anyone comes over.

Today, I decided to look for some tank tops/camisoles that have the pocketed bras already in them. I figure it will lessen my layers by two. Here is a picture of one I found:

Looks like a tank top, with a little higher neckline, so the scars don't show. Guess how much they charge for this?....Drum roll please....$120.00! That is the highest I have seen. The others range in the $60-$65 range. I guess they think that half price is better?

These companies should be ashamed of themselves! Not only do we have to endure the cancer, the surgery, the meds, and feeling different; now, they expect us to pay way too much for an undergarment that doesn't even have sleeves.

Now, I realize that I could buy a regular tank top and have pockets sewn into them, but why should I have to do that? Why can't I just buy a tank top with pockets already sewn in, for just a little more than what a 'regular' one would cost? This just makes no sense to me.

Ok, done ranting. I will continue to search for something that will address my needs, but won't cost as much as it does to run my car for over 6 weeks! (Not kidding!)


  1. Just can't think of words to express just how much this stinks! Okay, just for fun I started typing "mastectomy" into Amazon and a lot of different options pulled up. I chose the camisole option and there were some in there in the $30s. They say post surgery and talk about that different? Oh I hope you can find something that will work!
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  2. Continuing to pray hard for you and your family!
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