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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thyroid Surgery

Ok, everyone! This is the update about my surgery....I had my thyroid removed @Medical City on Thurs, July 21st. Here is why:

Before my mastectomy in 2007, a total body scan revealed some nodes growing on the thyroid. We have been watching them grow in size & number since then. Since I had all of the radiation to my neck for Hodgkin's in 1989, the likelyhood of cancer growing there is very high. I have been on Synthroid for many years, so it hasn't worked like it should anyway. My last biopsy in Jan. 2011 was inconclusive as to whether there were cancer cells present (large amount of blood in the sample) What I did not know until two weeks ago was that there was 'vascualr growth' there too. Cancer needs a blood supply, and if it has it, that is NOT GOOD! Before knowing that, I had already decided it needed to be removed so that I can just go on with my life and not worry about it.

The sonogram done a few weeks ago showed new growth in size AND quantity--in just 6 months time! So, my decision to have it removed was a good thing. Yesterday, during surgery, a quick sample was tested and was begnin--BUT there was evidence of pre-cancerous cells. All of the nodes have been sent off to the pathologist for complete testing to determine if there is indeed any cancer in them. Not exactly sure what we would do if there are, but we will only worry about that IF it happens!

Yesterday was a long day! We got there at 7:00 am, went through all the admitting and pre-op stuff. After they took me back, things went pretty quickly. The last thing I remember was saying good bye to Ricky and leaving the hold area to go to the OR...ZZZZZZZZ :D I woke up in recover and then went to my room, which I shared with another lady that had a different kind of thyroid surgery. We did not even speak last night--it was a long day for both of us! I was awake every hour last night. My room mate had to use the bathroom many times, so she had to walk past my bed; plus, all the nurses that came in to give us meds, take blood, and turn off the IV pump beeping! *sigh*

It was so great getting to spend time in Galveston before I had to do this! Plus, I scheduled it the day after getting my braces on since I would be in pain anyway. Need to eat soft foods right now anyway, so it worked out well! :D

I asked my doctor about the length of recovery time. He says at least 4 weeks before I get much energy, and by 6 weeks I should be much better. I told him that I am 'on vacation' until the end of August, and he said, "Take that time to concentrate on yourself." Wow! Ricky was sitting there at the time, so I think he understands what I need to do.

This was entirely a proacitve move, to hopefully ward off the possibility of having cancer yet again! I have to be vigilant of every area that I had the radiation because the long term effects of it can really damage the body (such as the breast cancer!) Be assured that we are all aware of this, my doctors are on top of things and they listen to me.

So, praise God, things went well! I am on the way to recovery and looking forward to a great future!


  1. Continual prayers for you. I understand the thyroid thing, tho fortunate enough not to have it surgically removed (mine was radiated)....It is a constant battle to keep the energy and metabolism where it belongs. Take time for yourself. Wish I was closer.

  2. So how long before you find out the results?
    You know I'm praying so very hard for you!
    Psalms 31:24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address


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