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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Going...I'll see you there...

My dear friend's mother went to Heaven today. Mrs. Betty Rogers had a good life with her family, friends, and church family. The last few years were difficult due to a nasty disease that robbed her of her memories, and living in the present. I visited her with my friend a few times at the nursing home. It became obvious that there was a strong connection between those two. Although she did not communicate well, we could see in her eyes that she knew her daughter.

Mrs. Betty was our church secretary for many, many years. She also played the organ, and the piano for our church. One memory I have of her playing piano will be with me forever. It was a few years ago. She was still living at home, but her husband was admitted to the hospital. I went over to check on her and discovered that she was pretty confused. However, we sat at the piano and she played and played--songs from a hymnal that her mother had given her! We played 'name that tune' and I was horrible at it! LOL

Thank you, Mrs. Betty! I am so happy to have known you and your family...

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