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Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome Back!

I just finished my first year in Graduate School. WOW, it has been a challenge. 'LIFE' continues even when I have papers to write or tests to take. What does that have to do with anything? Well, it has helped me grow as a person, enabled me to admit that I am not perfect (gasp!) and reminded me that God has a plan, and this is all shaping me for the purpose He has for me. 

There were times that I doubted myself (MANY TIMES), doubted my abilities, and doubted any purpose. However, I see the growth, I see the confidence and skills, and I see that this really IS where I am supposed to be. The key to remember is that I need to be ok with asking for help, for not being perfect (LOL), and for doing what I will ask my clients to do: take a look at myself and work on what needs to be improved. 

Huge thanks to my family, especially Keegan & Ricky! Dropping everything to be at school has been a sacrifice, so I appreciate their patience. To my friends that cheer for me when things are hard, and to others that have already been through this and give me inspiration to hang on. THANKS, y'all!

To my special lunch buddies: your friendship is invaluable and has helped me more than you will ever know. I am proud of all of you! Keep up the good work, because you have a very bright future ahead of you!

The End. hee hee

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