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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on my friend and her foster baby--she just got the call that she has two weeks before he will go to his birth mom. Please pray for them, and that all of the little details are worked out and in place as the transition happens. If you were quick enough to see the pictures of him on here yesterday, congratulations. I had to take them down, due to a possible problem with the CPS rules. If you didn't see them, just take my word for it, he is a beautiful, fun loving little boy!

If you have been reading my Caring Bridge site, you will kn
ow that I was able to return to college a few weeks ago, after a 16 year leave of absence. I am taking beginning Spanish twice a week. In high school, I took two years of French, but have not used it in years and remember very little. However, by starting Spanish, I have reactivated that part of my brain, and believe it or not, the French is still there! This is causing a bit of confusion to my brain though. I will be responding to a question in Spanish class, and the French comes out! This happened last week in class. We were watching a video and were asked to tell how many children were in the picture. I started counting, "un, deux, trois..." I then quickly switched gears, "uno, dos, tres..."It just amazes me that the information put in there so long ago, is coming back to me. Yes, I guess I am easily amused!

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  1. I remember spanish class. I loved it, but never took full advantage of it. Everytime my relatives call I regret it a little. I always say, "I know enough to get me in trouble."


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