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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Atlanta Trip, Part 2

Arriving in Atlanta, I had instructions on where to meet my driver. (Boy, was I feeling special, a driver of my own? LOL) As we exited the plane, we took an escalator to a lower level, where I was to take an underground rail to the baggage claim area.

This was a new experience for me. I sat and thought that if I missed my stop, I could just ride the thing back and forth. I took the photo above very quickly, as we moved very quickly down the track. The guy in the orange shirt looked at me like I was such a tourist! ha ha

I found where I was to get off, and took another escalator up to the next floor, where the baggage claim area was. There was supposed to be a man waiting with a sign that had my name on it. (I always wanted someone to hold a sign with my name!) Saw many signs, but none with my name. I walked to the other end, and still no sign with my name. As I looked around, a man yelled out, "Give these guys a hand, they are going back to the theater!" It was my first time to applaud soldiers in the airport--a very nice way to say thank you to them.

Since I did not see anyone looking for me, I called the driver service and they said that I had landed early, but a driver was on his way. No problem, there were many people to watch come and go, so I went back to the middle area where everyone was exiting the escalators.

All of a sudden, I hear booming over the intercom: " Ms. Michelle B., your driver is waiting for you at gate..." At first I thought I had made a mistake in what I was hearing. They said it again, "Ms. Michelle B., your driver is waiting for you at gate...." Oh my gosh! There was no sign with my name, but I got paged--even better! So, found my driver and off we went to the hotel!

I was dropped off at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. It was really pretty, with a drive up area that had a neat waterfall. I went inside, trying not to look like a tourist, and went to the check in desk. To make the story a bit shorter than the time it really took--my name was not on the reservation, they asked me for my credit card, and I realized something was not right. I told the man at the desk that I was with the Possible Woman group and that they were providing our rooms. I ended up calling my PWFI contact person, and she told him what was going on. So, I finally went up to the room and found a really nice room that I would be sharing with another recipient. Here are some pictures of our room:

Our view of downtown Atlanta

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