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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another One?

Something rather peculiar is happening in our house! My vet always tells me that stray animals find you when you both need each other. All of our pets, except the guinea pig (Stinky), and the parakeet (Nitro) have been strays.

When we were married 19 years ago, my cat (QQ) who was a rescue, was already living with my hubby. She had been with my family for several years before.Then, the greyhound (Trina) was rescued by my hubby before she went to the pound. Stinky came when K was in grade school, and the parakeet (Durango) was a stray he found with his friend one afternoon.

The Rotty/Blue Healer mix (Rosie) found us along the way in 2001, so she grew up with the Greyhound (Trina). Our pets tend to live very long lives, so when we put down QQ, and not much later, Trina, we were very sad. Durango only lived about a year before she died too.

In the summer of 2007, we bought the parakeet (Nitro) and a few months later, our tortoise shell kitty (Pepper) found us! This June, hubby rescued our calico (Callie) and just last night, probably our newest member, the mop! LOL

Absolutely no dogs have lived in this house since hubby built it! It seems really strange to see a little puppy running around now! The puppy is a good playmate for the kitten--they have already chased each other around the house numerous times today. Pepper is 3 yrs old, and acts like the old lady of the house! She will not have this foolishness!

So, we are trying to wait to see if anyone will claim this puppy. Hubby has already started calling her different names, and she has really taken to K. It is hard not to fall in love with such a sweet little dog, who just wants her tummy rubbed, and to follow you around the house! We love her already!

Now, not only have I never had two cats at the same time as I do now, but we have never had a dog in this house either. (I grew up with small house dogs, so it is not totally a foreign concept!)

UPDATE: I took the puppy to the vet on Tuesday, to have her checked out. My biggest concern was heart worm, but she was negative! YAY! The next concern was if she was micro-chipped. As they passed the wands over her, I told her, "Don't beep, don't beep!" Thankfully, NO BEEPS! :) Her main problem is that she has an infection in her ear, and worms. She is on meds, and when she finally is healthy again, I can take her to the groomer! This little girl is quite hairy!

Introducing: Mopsie!

Miss Mopsie, some kind of poodle mix, 1 year old

Mopsie and Callie wrestling

Mopsie took Pepper's house!

These two are going to be good friends!

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  1. That's so cute that they play together...
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