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Monday, August 23, 2010

August Rush

After a lovely time in Galveston, the following weeks were a whirlwind of activity! I had braces put on July 20--this is the second time for me. If you have had braces, WEAR YOUR RETAINERS! Unfortunately, mine broke and I did not have the cash to replace them. What my orthodontist said was true, "Teeth

move back to where they came from." Mine moved so much that they were banging together and making them loose. Argh...

I have clear on top and 'regular' on bottom.

The following day, I had surgery to remove my thyroid. It was a preventative measure to get it out before cancer became present. There were nodules growing, and they were getting bigger and larger in quantity, so I decided that now was the time to take care of it. I did not want to feel like I was a walking time bomb, just waiting for 'it' to happen! Lab reports showed that there were some 'precancerous' cells present, but not cancer cells! Hooray!

The scar is not bad at all. The doc said in about 6 months, it will be hardly noticeable! I have done well so far, just still have a lot of fatigue. Of course, 100+ temps do not help in the energy department!

On into August...I had a birthday! Praise the Lord that I am here to celebrate another year!

Sandie went to the vet to finish up her shots. Found out that we have a bad flea problem with all three outdoor dogs! This is the first year that we have had this problem! The vet said that the medicine we used is apparently not working, so she prescribed a different kind. Seems it is working, but we need to treat the yard as well. This is a difficult task, because our dogs run in the back yard, which is just under an acre in size! This hot weather has been hard on them too. We try to make sure they keep hydrated. Plus, we have a kiddie pool for them to cool off, but Sandie is the only one that seems to splash in it--and that is first thing in the morning! LOL She is really growing.

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